Flexible Query Answering Systems 2015

October 26-28, 2015, Cracow, Poland

Recommended accommodation

The FQAS 2015 Conference will be held in the very center of Cracow (Kraków in Polish, airport code - KRK), at the famous Main Market Square, in a historic house, just meters from the "U Wierzynka" the oldest still operating restaurant in Poland founded in the 1300s.

The main rule while choosing the hotel is that virtually all hotels in the city center are at most within a ca. 15 minute walk. Moreover, virtually all attractions can also be reached by walking. You should not book a hotel which is far from the city center (i.e. Old Market Square), even if it can be cheaper, because you would have to take a taxi to the Conference and, first, traffic jams in Cracow are terrible, maybe the worst in Poland, and, second, the driver would not come to the conference venue, which is in the walking zone, but will leave you some 100 – 200 meters away. So, while looking at hotel Web sites, rather look for hotels that are in “Old Town” (in Polish Stare Miasto).

Basically, the following hotel groups can be recommended. First, there are hotels close to the Main Railway Station which is very close to the Old Market Square - ca. 10-15 minute walk. The advantage is that from the airport you can take a bus 208, 292 or 902 (the fare is PLN 4 = ca. EUR 1) which will take you to the Main Railway Station.

Right at the Station you have the following hotels:
IBIS Budget – the cheapest one, very clean and quite good,
IBIS – in the same building, more expensive and luxurious than IBIS Budget,
Andel’s – very good but expensive,
Hotel Puro – very good and rather expensive.
Very close to the Station you have:
Hotel Europejski – slightly closer to the city walls, in the direction towards the Old Market Square,
Hotel Matejko – quite good, again in the direction towards the Old Market Square.

The next group of hotels is within, or just off the Old Town (Stare Miasto). This is a very convenient location because it may be somehow closer to the Conference site but the entire Old Town is practically a pedestrian zone though taxi drivers know where to eventually stop closely. You can find there hotels of all price categories, from expensive ones like Sheraton, Bonerowski Palace, Grand, etc. to very good and less expensive ones like Wentzl, Golden Tulip Old Town, Grand, Senacki, Best Western Old Town, Pod Różą, etc. to more moderately priced like Pollera, Campanille, Pod Białym Orłem, etc. etc. Most importantly, if you decide to stay in the Old Town zone, is that it is written that the hotel is in Old Town (but check at the map usually provided for each hotel if it is really close to the Old Market Square).

The same applies to all kinds of hostels, apartments, bed & breakfasts, etc. which are plentiful, and – again – for convenience it is recommended that you choose those which are in the Old Town (Stare Miasto).

Clearly, if you prefer a very special atmosphere of Kazimierz, the old Jewish Quarter, you can find there very interesting hotels and hostels, and top restaurants, too which are within a ca. 30 minute walk to the Conference site, or by taxi.

Finally, Cracow is a top tourist attraction so that hotels are usually booked though the end of October is no longer high season, with appropriate special offers. So, you can either book your hotel now or wait a little bit for a lower season and better deals.